Keto MCT Powder

Want to make a bullet proof coffee?  All you need is a scoop of our MCT powder added to your coffee and you are good to go!

Why Choose?

  • This MCT powder is the best on the market, no added chemicals and mixes instantly – no blender needed!
  • Gives a lovely creamy flavour, with no hint of coconut.
  • One tub lasts a month for daily bulletproof coffees.
  • We love it in tea as well!
  • Great way to stop those hunger pangs and fuel your brain when you intermittent fast.

Unit Weight 300g


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Nutritional Information

MCT Powder
Per 100 g Per serving (10g)
Energy Kj 2827 283
kcal 676 68
Fats (g) 75 7.5
of which saturates (g) 74.7 7.5
Carbohydrates (g) 1 0.1
of which sugars (g) 0.4 0.0
of which polyols (g)
Fibre (g) 15.2 1.5
Protein (g) 5.5 0.6
Salt (g) 0.23 0.0

How To Use

Try a single scoop in your favourite hot drink mid morning to help your fast and power your brain


Coconut oil powder, including medium-chain triglycerides, gum arabic, silicon dioxide